Polski iluzjonista w Holandii, Haga, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Eindhoven

An intellectual form of entertainment based on the art of illusion.

Jan Simon

Proffesional magician who presents very different illusionist acts: indoors, outdoors, stage or not stage.

Spectators can look forward to unbelievable illusions and magic tricks,
that they will be involved during the whole performance.
He involve the audience without embarrassing anyone,
and his style appeals to peoples of all ages and nationalities.

"Another artist that we had the opportunity to meet was the illusionist Jan Szymon Pilasiewicz.
While showing us some tricks with volunteers from the audience, he provided us with strong impressions".
- The Embassy of the Republic of Poland in The Hague


Jan in his repertoires presents, among others. manipulations, levitations, multiplication,
cabaret scenes, transformations as well as large stage illusions.

Performances are suitable for private parties (birthdays, weddings, etc.) company events,
gala evenings, festivals and more. All purpose show is perfectly suited for any event.

Magic shows characterized by common fun: combinations of the art of illusion with excellent music
and verbal humor resulting from the circumstances.

If you have an upcoming event, simple call or send message to Jan:

+48 605 594 313
+31 616 910 400

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