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Jan Simon

Art of Magic

"Another artist that we had the opportunity to meet was the illusionist Jan Szymon Pilasiewicz. While showing us some tricks with volunteers from the audience, he provided us with "strong impressions". " -  Polish Embassy in the Netherlands

About the artist

JAN SIMON Pilasiewicz  - illusionist of Polish origin, permanently residing in the Netherlands. 
Member of the National Illusionists Club in Lodz, Poland.  
He has been involved in music since childhood, but the art of illusion turned out to be his passion.
He was shown his first steps by the illusionist Roman Bieluczyk, known as KEMO, currently living in Manchester.

Over the years of performances, Jan Simon has developed his own, flexible style of presentation.
His innovative approach to art, knowledge and technique, resulted in his appearance in front of a number of template performers.  
Jan Simon has performed in Poland, Norway, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, the United Arab Emirates and Qatar.



Jan Simon is a illusionist who presents very different illusionist acts: 
indoors, outdoors, stage or not stage.

Spectators can look forward to unbelievable illusions and magic tricks,
 that they will be involved during the whole performance.

 He involve the audience without embarrassing anyone, 
his style appeals to peoples of all ages and nationalities.

We perform illusion shows in many languages: Polish, English, Dutch, German and Russian!


Inquiries, information, reservations:

Jan Simon Art of Magic, illusionist, iluzjonista  +31 650 550 767
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