Illusionist of Polish origin, permanently residing in the Netherlands.
Member of the National Illusionists Club in Lodz, Poland

He has been involved in music since childhood, but the art of illusion turned out to be his passion.
Jan was shown his first steps by the illusionist Roman Bieluczyk, known as KEMO , currently living in Manchester.

Over the years of performances, Jan Simon has developed his own, flexible style of presentation.

His innovative approach to art, knowledge and technique,
resulted in his appearance in front of a number of template performers.

In 2012, Jan Simon created a one-of-a-kind show: Chaplin Magic Show.

Chaplin Show is a pantomimic, original acting arrangement based on the art of illusion.

This unprecedented illusionist performance is a "live" comedy, with active audience participation, excellent music and fantastic illusions that will surprise even the most demanding audience.

Despite the strong interaction with the audience and the humorous nature of the show,
it is kept in an elegant style.

Chaplin Magic Show Chaplin Magic Show

To this day, the Chaplin Magic Show is considered amazing and original, and above all, one and only!

During over 20 years of adventure with illusion, Jan has been the attraction of countless private and corporate events in the country of Poland and abroad, incl. in countries such as Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, France, Luxembourg, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Norway.

Jan took part in the production of television programs, charity and social events - hundreds of performances made allow him to critically improve his workshop.

We performed at the invitation of, among others: